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Sumato Coffee is Communal - Get Some


Coffee tastings and Team building events

Developing a good company culture starts with freshly roasted and healthy coffee. 

In addition to delivering people freshly roasted coffee beans at home, we love teaching people about coffee-and bringing our learnings into workplaces. A simple cup of coffee can bring people together at work in more ways than awkward trust falls or the latest team work technology. 

If you are a business that values relationships and human connections at work, delivering amazing kindness to your employees, and care about serving coffee to your team where they do their life's most meaningful work, we'd love to explore working with you. People spend a lot of time at work and sadly most workplaces have lackluster coffee. 

Great coffee deserves to be skillfully brewed, whether it's served at home, a coffee shop or your workplace. You don't have to be an artisan barista to master the essentials. Contact us for a hands-on corporate coffee brewing event to encourage team building, group bonding, improve communication and foster camaraderie while sipping incredible coffee with your team. 


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1 - order freshly roasted beans

Click button above and place an order. We will immediately roast your order.

2 - Coffee beans are best 2-14 days after it has been roasted. beyond that it starts to go stale.



Once your beans get roasted, we stamp the roast date on the bag, then ship to your workplace or home within 48 hours of your order. Plus - over 1000 antioxidants in freshly roasted coffee. Freshly roasted has health benefits, smells better and tastes better. 

3. Coffee is community 

You will be sipping freshly roasted coffee with your tribe of people while doing your most meaningful work.